From Steps student to Steps mentor, thriving at Castleton

Adam Shard

When I first started on the VTSU Castleton campus, I was a non-matriculated (which means non-degree seeking) college Steps student who was wary of the program due to wanting to hop right into getting my bachelor’s degree. 

But over that year, I came to fall in love with the campus and the folks on campus and during the spring of 2022, I made the big leap of applying to become a matriculated student for the fall of 2022. 

I was lucky that I was smart and knew who to ask for recommendations, and sure enough on March 18, 2022 I got an email giving me the news that I was a part of the incoming class of 2022.

Fall 2022 came quickly and I was thrown into the deep end of sorts and I failed my first go around seeking my natural science credit. I was sad, but I had friends who I made during the class cheer me up and I pushed on even with my GPA dropping.

Luckily, during the spring of 2023, I got my GPA up to 2.5 so I could be the vice president of Spectrum Pride and be an SOS staff member the next fall. 

Throughout the 2022-2023 year, I earned my certificate of higher education from the STEPS program, I joined CAB, I made friends, and I got the 343 Award during the spring 2023 SGA awards.

As for this year, a lot of things have changed. My two friends who made my friend group stay together transferred during the summer to another college, I switched my major to communications (Video and Film production) with a minor in theater arts instead of having a major in graphic design and a minor in communications. 

Also, the president of Spectrum Pride stepped down during the fall semester so I had to step up as president. I also became the chair of traditions for CAB, I had a roommate instead of a medical single (I switched back to a med single this spring), I even ran for a position in SGA elections this spring.

For next year, my experience here will come full circle since I will become a STEPS mentor next fall. I’m hoping to return as the chair of traditions and be an SOS member again, since I had fun doing those roles this year.

Overall, I am grateful for having these experiences and each positive and negative experience I’ve had here has helped me grow into the person I am today. So here’s to the next two years being on this campus and to everyone who has helped me along the way.

To my fellow peers, professors, staff, and everyone in between: Thank you.

– Adam Shard

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