Early college, Communications will keep me here

Gabby Blanchard

High school was never really my thing. 

I come from a very small school with fewer than 60 kids in my graduating class of 2024. A lot of decisions went through my mind going into my senior year. 

I was surrounded by the same people, annoyed with the same staff, and unimpressed with the lack of options. 

That’s when I discovered early college, which was definitely one of the best decisions of my life. 

Finally, I was in a place where I felt surrounded by the maturity I had been longing for, and I was given the chance to work toward my future at the same time. This opportunity has been life-changing in so many ways, opening doors I never thought possible. 

In my first semester being enrolled in early college at VTSU Castleton, I took multiple marketing courses because I had always thought that that was what I wanted to major in.

However, after disliking many of those courses, I realized a marketing major probably wasn’t for me. 

When signing up for spring classes the next semester, I decided to opt for some courses that were mainly writing-focused, as I had always known I didn’t only love to write, but I was pretty good at it too. 

Enrolling at VTSU Castleton as an early college student, who is automatically an undeclared major, allowed me to get my trial-and-error major over with. 

As someone always determined to continue the college experience at an out-of-state school, I am pleasantly surprised to announce that I have decided to stay at Castleton for the Fall semester of 2024. 

Discovering my passion in journalism and the Communications department was a turning point for me. I am thrilled to continue at VTSU Castleton as a journalism and Communications major, knowing that I would have been on the wrong path if not for this amazing experience. 

I recommend that every senior struggling with their high school experience and unsure of what they want for their future, to participate in the early college program. 

I have been exposed to so many amazing people, making connections with them that I already know will be nothing but supportive lights in my life. 

– Gabby Blanchard

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