Your life depends on it

Will Smith

I’m never growing up.

I’m now a poser in a punk rock sense. When, or if, I go to a show, I stand in the back by the bathrooms. I leave the pit to the younger, more virile people. 

My back hurts too much for that shit. 

Honestly, I never trusted anyone over 30. When I see old people, I get an extraordinarily self-defensive and problematic attitude, thinking they are out of touch with reality and what is happening in society. 

Then I look in the mirror.

I am in my 40s and so out of touch with society. 

I used to be socially conscious and have a full head of hair. I say this because we will witness an election for the next nine months where the candidates are the oldest in our history. 

It makes me want to scream. How did we get to this place? How are these two geriatrics going to usher the United States into the future when they cannot even remember what they had for breakfast? 

Why is no one stopping this? 

Look, both candidates suck, and I could list all of the reasons for that, but I am not going to. What I will do is state, you! Young people! Do something! Don’t let our country fall into the hands of people who have had their AARP cards for longer than you have been alive. 

I mean, there is something that I can say: you aren’t going to like it, but look at third party candidates. 

But Will! This is the most important election of our lives! IF WE VOTE THIRD PARTY, THE OTHER SIDE WILL WIN! Yadda, yadda, yadda. 

This is the same crap that has been said since I was first eligible to vote. If you ask someone older than me (shudder), I’m sure they will probably say they have heard the same thing. Hell, I’m sure a good majority of them have said it. 

Expanding the pool of ideas that we currently have is the only way to attract more voices and fresh ideas to our collective brains. 

Also, get off your ass and get involved. 

If you sit there and complain about the things that bother you and do nothing about it, you are the problem. Start volunteering and explore new and different ideas. Also, get involved in your local issues. 

Finally, listen to each other. 

Look, you can disagree with people. But listen to what they are trying to say. See what the actual problem is and try to fix it. 

But what do I know about any of this? I’m just another old duffer shouting about things that are beyond his control.

– Will Smith 

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