Book of the Fortnight

“The Little Prince”

Sophomore Ines Robres points to “The Little Prince,” or El Principito in her native tongue of Spanish, as a highly recommended book. The delightfully short story of a young man travelling the cosmos can be brought back to earth in its central themes and messages.

The overarching theme of innocent love flows through the adventure and Robres found the theme in conjunction with the easy-read style to be ideal.

“The White Crow”

Senior Petra Veljkovic highlights this fantastical adventure as a must-read for fantasy lovers. The breadth of themes covered in this trilogy, the Half Bad series, keeps the pace high and the reader’s attention captured.

Although a fantasy series, its tie to reality allows readers to engage heavily in the material while enjoying mystical aspects. Although for Veljkovic, the characters deserve praise, “the book amazed me because of the character development and relationship development.”

“It was such an intimate and intense experience that was a privilege to read,” recounts Veljkovic, who encourages all to relish the series.

“The Percy Jackson Series”

This iconic book series has recently been adapted (for the second time) into a TV series, however it reminded me of how much I enjoyed the book in my youth. The series intertwines Greek mythology with a teenage-adventure in such a way to both educate and engage readers.

The series follows Percy Jackson, who, after learning of his unique heritage, is thrust into a world of mystery, adventure, and epics. Themes of adventure, romance, friendship, and challenge is suitable for all ages to enjoy.

Before indulging into the TV adaptation, I highly recommend enjoying the easy read of the book series.

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