Book of the Fortnight

“40 Rules to Love”

Recommended by VTSU Castleton exchange student, 40 Rules of Love follows Ella, a middle-aged protagonist. Ella, after reading a manuscript regarding thirteenth century Sufi poet, Rumi and the Shams of Tabraiz and his forty rules of love, begins her journey. 

With central themes of love and spirituality, the novel outlines the key rules of love in tandem with a compelling story. Mishkat categorises this novel as highly recommended, as the story truelly connected to her soul. 

Indeed, the timelessness of love is explored in this novel, as thirteenth century rules transcend centries to be applicable today. 



A classic novel and compelling critique of society, Orwell’s 1984 comes highly recommended by VTSU Randolph Freshman, Daniel Sprano. 

The book “encapsulates the growing threat of technology and totalitarianism in the modern world,” noted Sprano. The dystopian story line certainly draws parallels to current crisis facing the world. 

The fascinating narrative is supplemented with curious characters, “you don’t know if you like them or not, these are realistic characters with human flaws rather than blatant protagonist.” 



This book, transformed into a motion picture in 2017, follows a young boy born with facial differences. “It gives a perspective on someone who struggles with a disability,” explained Cheromiah, Sophomore at VTSU Johnson. 

The book is uniquely structured, with various perspectives driving the narrative. Cheromiah enjoyed this aspect, as “the book switches points of view” to provide a wholistic reading that underlines the experience of those with disabilities, as well as their family and friends. 

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