VT’s mild winter is both loved and hated

Everyone knows that this winter has been mild. Some have been loving it and others have been hating it.

Like members of the ski team.

Camille Jackson, an Alpine ski team member who loves winter, said that “winter sports are under threat.”

Jackson said the ski team is having trouble with training due to the lack of snow in the mountains. 

But she said this isn’t the first winter they had to deal with this kind of weather. 

Fellow racer Ines Robres also talked about why this winter has been a downer for ski racing. 

“At the beginning of the season, we had some problems because there was not a lot of snow,” she said. 

Robres likes winter and doesn’t mind the warmer temperatures, it’s just the lack of snow that is the issue. 

“I think the weather is, in general, is pretty good,” she said.

On the other side of the coin, history professor Taylor Tobias, a native of South Florida, is pleased with the mild, relatively snowless winter.

“Contrary to most people, I think I have been enjoying this winter compared to most others,” he said.

Tobias does enjoy some parts of winter, though.

“I find the snow to be pretty, I like to be able to watch it fall out my window,” he said

He also mentioned the savings he had on fuel for heating.

Another student, Dew Barring, has also enjoyed this mild winter.

“I don’t like snow, which is weird, because I lived in Vermont my entire life, and it snows a lot here. Just not a big fan of it,” he said. 

He too said fresh snow is “pretty.”

“But when it goes to mush, that’s the part I really don’t like,” he said.

And some students don’t really seem to care either way. 

Davin McIrer said that he doesn’t mind the cold, but he does miss the snow too. 

Another student, Mim Hussnane, enjoys the milder temperature but said, “When I think winter, I picture snow and not having snow is a little weird feeling.”

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