The new ‘Mean Girls’ was not so fetch

The New “Mean Girls” musical movie was released in theaters Jan. 8 and fans of the Broadway musical and original film don’t seem to be too thrilled with the way it came out. 

The film has been completely trashed on all social media platforms like TikTok and Twitter with many fans being very displeased with the casting and the movie overall. 

Not many people even knew it was going to be a musical due to poor advertising. 

The film was supposed to be a movie version of the popular Broadway musical, but many theater fans say it was not at all what they were expecting. 

“As someone who watched the musical in full length, the movie really should’ve just been a professional filming of the Broadway show,” said VTSU-Castleton student Erin Forkin. 

Fans also say the movie fell flat with some of the songs, especially the song, “Revenge Party.”  The musical is a lot more expressive and better at acting while singing in general compared to some of the people in the film.  

The movie overall was a lot more modernized than the original, adding references to current pop culture. Although it was a smart idea because of the audience they were marketing to, it was a bit overdone in some scenes. 

While keeping references from the original “Mean Girls” film, many believe it didn’t capture the best parts of the original movie. 

“I liked and disliked the modernization aspects of it. Some made sense and some just seemed to be too much,” said VTSU-Castleton student Olivia Whitney.  

Angourie Rice was the actress to play Cady Heron in the film and is the one to getting the most backlash on social media. People don’t believe she was a good fit for the role, especially as a musical. Many believe her singing abilities weren’t up to par. 

“I thought it was well done, the portrayal of Cady’s part was in my opinion not as good as the musical,” Whiting said. 

Fans believe that the actress didn’t give the same energy as the many different performers who played Cady on Broadway.  

But the actress who is being touted as carrying the film, Renee Rapp, has received nothing but love ever since its release. She is the original actress from the Broadway musical, so this choice pleased many fans. And she did not disappoint in her amazing songs and truly was a perfect Regina George. 

“I’ll be honest, I went for Renee Rapp and she’s the only reason I stayed,” Emily Otto said. 

Rapp stole people’s hearts and scared the hell out of us playing Regina. Without her, the film would be doing way worse than it is now.  

Around the same time this movie came, out another hyped-up movie, “Anyone but You,” was released starring Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell. 

It stole the spotlight from “Mean Girls.” Many people saw “Anyone But You” before “Mean Girls,” mainly because of all the praise it was getting.  

The timing of their release dates was not good for “Mean Girls” film due to how popular the other cast is in the other film and the way “Anyone But You” was advertised everywhere.  

Overall, with the social media bashing and being overshadowed, the “Mean Girls” movie will not be one of the top 2024 films. 

Honestly, it would have been better as a filming of the Broadway show rather than the entire production they put on. It didn’t fully capture what everyone was hoping for and left many confused with the casting choices and film style choices. 

It in all was just a disappointment for many fans and there is no stopping the bashing of this film on TikTok.   

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