Book of the Fortnight

Undoubtably one of my favorite reads in 2023, “Lessons in Chemistry” is a tale of love, science, perseverance, tragedy, and laughter.  

As the protagonist weaves her way through a male-dominated world, readers are left inspired and in awe of life’s simplicities. Certainly, a must-read for all, scientists or not.  

“The Secret History” by Donna Tartt comes highly recommended by VTSU’s own president, David Bergh. “A whole genre has grown up around it which is called Dark Academia,” the style of fiction entangling mystery, moody themes, and the realm of academics.  

Dark academia novels are generally set within universities or boarding schools, and Secret History is no exception. “It’s actually set on a college campus in Vermont,” explained Bergh.  

While a work of fiction, this novel leads readers through exciting twists and turns and is hailed as “the bible for dark academia.” 

Sarah J Maas’ infamous “Throne of Glass” series is summarized by Kerven as “easy to read if you’re new to reading, it’s a great fantasy book that really builds with every book in the series.” 

Indeed, the eight-book series is a commitment, though “every book in the series takes a full new turn even though you already think you know what is going to happen. And then you are wrong anyway,” recounted Kerven.  

The series, following a morally grey assassin, “keeps you on your twos and is interesting the whole way through.”  

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