You are an animal neighbor

Animal lover Gavin Bradley poses with sled dog at Vermont’s Hemingway Home.

Have you ever met someone and thought, “There is absolutely nothing we have in common? I used to think there were some people I didn’t have any connection with. Looking back, I couldn’t have been more wrong. I know it may sound bizarre, but we all share at least one vital thing in common. 

 There is a special relationship that unites us as a species, and as a society. This vital connection has helped us tremendously throughout our existence. It has impacted the medical field significantly, provided many of us with adequate food and clothes, given us excellent overall well-being and improved mental health and even provided many with a best friend. 

 So, what exactly is the connection between all of us? 

Well, my friends, the connection we all have in common is simply our neighbors. Every human on this beautiful planet is a neighbor to animals. Whether these animals are wild, captive or even microscopic! We humans are significantly impacted by these animals and their health. 

 Humans and animals have lived on this earth for thousands of years. We are even animals, and a significant part of the animal kingdom and overall evolution. 

Have you ever thought of yourself as an animal neighbor? 

Whether you like it or not, the small decisions you make every day impact animals and ecosystems around the world. Simply put, I am just a guy who absolutely loves animals. I want to share my love and my information with you, to better improve the sacred bond between man and animals. 

 I am going to be writing in The Spartan quite frequently. I will be writing about various topics, from pet health to wildlife conservation, and even microscopic biodiversity! This is just an introduction between friends, and hopefully symbiotic partners! 

I want to hear about all of your experiences with any animal and I want to make you feel like a valuable team member. Please, if you have any animals that you would like to learn more about, send a recommendation to the email below. 

– Gavin Bradley    

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