Q&A: Kimberley McCarthy wreaks havoc

Kimberley McCarthy celebrates a goal.

Kimberley McCarthy has been a force for the women’s lacrosse team all year. The record-breaking player sat down recently to chat about the success.

Q. What are your thoughts on how the season is going and your team performance this season?

A. We’re not doing as well as we liked, but we are improving in many ways. We already won more games than we did last season, and we are looking batter as a team.

Q. Leading the team in goals for the past two years, how does it feel to have that big of an impact on the field?

A. It’s been a lot of fun! All my success does come from my team because most of my goals are from assists, so I can’t get the goals without them looking to pass to me. I have my team to thank for giving me those opportunities in game.

Q. How does it feel being the 15th player to reach 100 goals in school history?

A. That was a goal that I never thought I would be able to accomplish. I played defense all through high school. I didn’t even play in high school because everyone went D1, so I was fourth string back up. When I came here and got switched to offense, I never thought that I’d even score let alone 100, so that was a goal that I did not ever think was going happen.

Q. Playing both field hockey and lacrosse, what is your favorite out of the two and why?

A. I like them both for different reasons. I feel like if I’m in field hockey season, I love field hockey. If I’m in lacrosse season, I love lacrosse and that’s like a major reason why I decided to play both. I couldn’t decide which one I enjoyed more and I just love being a part of two sports!

Q. When was the first time you started playing sports and what was the reason why you fell in love with it?

A. I first started playing lacrosse when I was in first grade. It’s just always been a part of my life, so I don’t really know when I started falling in love with it.  I played soccer when I was in like pre-school and that was the earliest. I started playing field hockey in 6th grade, so I’ve always just played sports. Always been a big part of my life.

Q. What music do you listen to get locked in before a game?

A. It changes every game day. Sometimes I listen to like country sometimes I listen to like rap, but it just all depends on the mood that I’m in. I don’t have a specific song that I’m like okay, I need to listen to this. It’s just whatever mood I’m in during that time.

Q. Spending hours together each day, there must be some funny moments that happen on or off the field. What was your funniest memory from this season?

A. Katie Opiela’s commentary. I feel like that’s just anything she says, it’s just hilarious when she’s in it. She was a field player before hopping in net, so she was playing lefty and coach had said something about going lefty. All of a sudden, you just here her go “I was a lefty once.” She likes to make sarcastic comments on the field and its always funny to hear what she has to say.

Q. What is you go-to meal after a long practice or game?

A. Unfortunately, Huden doesn’t give me the best options for an after-game meal. If were talking about before a game, peanut butter and jelly sandwich with toasted bread is always my go-to when we have a home game.

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