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Listen, I love a layered fit as much as the next gal (or anyone of any varying gender identity). But in the summer, it is simply too hot to be doing all that. 

I personally don’t like to classify my style because I have weird identity problems and I feel like when I know the label of the way I dress, it means I must stick to that label for the rest of my life. 

But for the sake of this article, we’ll call my style alternative. 

From what I understand, alternative just means anything outside of the basic genre. Then there’s, like, a million subgenres under the alt genre. 

Exploring nature and basking in the sunlight is all fun and games until you’re sweating through the fourth undershirt you’ve layered.

I know that when it starts to get warm out, I personally resort to the classic hippie style because it’s my default when I have “nothing to wear.” I also know that a lot of other people with an alternative style do the same. 

The hippie style consists of flowy pants and skirts, LOTS of tie dye, crochet tops, bandanas and boho headbands, sandals and an excessive amount of jewelry. 

The jewelry usually makes up for the lack of layering. 

The summer hippie style can also be influenced by cowgirl style. 

Think “Hannah Montana: The Movie.”

Cutoff jean shorts, tank tops, cowboy hats, jean jackets and you can’t forget the boots. 

Oh, and lots of jewelry, of course. 

The cool people are calling it “Yallternative.” A cross between alt, hippie and cowgirl.

It’s quite the combo. 

So, I’m absolutely not here to tell anyone how to dress. 

But if it’s getting hot and the cargo pant, flannel combo is too much (I get it) maybe check out the yallternative style. 

Funky hairstyles and makeup can also be a way to let the people know you have an interesting sense of style even if that isn’t directly relayed with your clothing. 

And a friendly reminder: it’s okay to gravitate to simpler pieces in the summer. 

And, finally, the answer to all your clothing problems is just to add more jewelry.

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