Reviving the radio station

Mike Doenges, right, teaching President of the Radio Club Ben Honsinger, center, and Vice President Lily Doton, left, how to use the streaming software. The Radio Club is currently meeting and members are hoping to be fully operational as soon as possible.

The Radio Club is back! We broadcast on the virtual airwaves 24/7, 365 days a year with no interruptions. As the president of this institution, I’ve taken it upon myself to make you all aware of our various goals. Currently we are streaming live on twitch and an internet radio app, totaling in 3,000 built in listeners.

But that’s not enough. I want everyone here to listen to this. Our goal for this semester is to get infrastructure in place to have this station live streaming in the Campus Center and in Huden. During the lunch hour we have also decided to implement a request hour where you, yes you specifically, can choose what you want playing on the air.

We want this to be the voice of Castleton students, completely unfiltered. We want talk shows and music that represents the tastes of the student body. This is why I am reaching out. In short we want you, Castleton students, to join.

Do you want your voice heard in Fireside or Huden?

Do you want a show for 3,000 built in listeners?

The Radio Club is about creative expression over the virtual airwaves, and that is what we want from you. As of right now we meet on Thursdays at 3:30, but this will most likely change. For any questions please reach out to me, Benjamin Honsinger, at my student email and I’ll be happy to answer any further questions.

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