House that Hannah Built: Life plan’s and L’s

Hello there, friends! It’s me again. 

For those of you who don’t know me or what I’m all about, buckle up. For those who do, let’s get right into this. 

I have always loved a plan. Whether it be a packed weekend or a vacation itinerary, I just love when things are laid out in a neat and easy-to-follow fashion. 

This obviously includes my life plan. 

I always said I would graduate college in four years at the age of 22 and get a great job the following summer. I would have met someone in that time and started dating. We could date for at least three years, get engaged by the time I was 24, I would have two years to plan a wedding and would get married at 26. And together we would buy a house at the age of 27. 

I wasn’t asking for much. 

I assume all of you reading will be shocked to hear, but my plan didn’t exactly work out. 

Due to a semester long internship in Florida and a little global pandemic, I took a year and a half off from school. 

But it’s okay. What is life without a little flair? 

I met my boyfriend, Brendan, in college and we have been dating for about two years now.  

He’s amazing and I love him. Just now he said, “you’re funnier than me.” 

That’s basically a proposal, people. 

Which is good because if I still want to get married at 26, I’ll still need 2 years to plan a wedding and get lots of attention for being a bride-to-be. So, I’ll need to get engaged at 24.

 Next year. 

Okay, so I honestly don’t see that happening. Never say never, but I would say, “Brendan, are you absolutely sure????”  

Another mild setback. 

A house by 27 is still possible. 

If the housing market crashes and I somehow inherit hundreds of thousands of dollars, then call me a homeowner! 

I’ve always wanted a little fixer-upper that I can turn into my dream home, so out of everything I’ve laid out, a house feels the most attainable in my imaginary time fame. 

And it is just that I suppose. 


I will graduate, get a nice job, buy a house, and live a great life with a great partner. 

The time frame is up in the air at this point.  

If you can’t tell already, I am pretty type A. I like to be in charge and I am usually right. 

I can’t help it, I’m a Capricorn. 

I think about how I want to decorate my future house a lot, specifically the furniture.  

Unfortunately, I will presumably be living with another person who also has an opinion. 

Brendan is under the impression that comfort comes before my design aesthetic. His infamous brown recliner still sits in our living room. Something he is very proud of.  

In our future home he wants a similar recliner. Tell me reader, how does a big, brown, ugly recliner fit into a mid-century/modern boho vibe? 

It doesn’t. 

He has compromised on most of his other stuff. But only if he can have a man-cave. An idea that I hated for many years. 

That is, until I started to think about how if we do not have a room for all his stuff, it will be out in plain sight. For everyone to see. Mostly me. 

He can put all the unsightly knickknacks in what he has dubbed the “Bren-Den,” and no one has to see in unless they go in the basement. 

Except for the recliner, I will have to make my peace with that thing sitting proudly in the living room. 

I will win some, but it seems like I have, and will, certainly lose some. 

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