Stone’s Sports Corner: NFL week one

Here we are again, a week out from NHL preseason, two weeks out from NBA preseason, NFL season has been kicked into high gear, and MLB’s regular season is getting close to the end and the race to the World Series is nearly ready to kick off.

This time of the year is a sports fans heaven.

Let’s start off with the NFL. The first week of the regular season was pretty fun to watch. A handful of games came down to the wire. 

Steelers and Bengals was an electric game, With the Bengals got the worse half of that. A muffed snap on the extra point caused the kick to get blocked and then the Steelers win in OT. What a crazy turn of events.

The defending Super Bowl champ Rams looked like a pee-wee football team against Josh Allen’s Bills. 

Matt Stafford’s arm seemed like a wet pool noodle. He got me only 7 fantasy points, so him and I are beefing right now. 

He did only throw the ball to Cooper Kupp and got me 31 points from him, but still, 7 points isn’t gonna cut it Stafford, gonna need you to be better, or I’ll bench you for Jameis Winston.

Speaking of Jameis Winston, he looked pretty good in his first game back from his ACL injury, leading the Saints to a win over the Falcons.

It’s crazy the Falcons still have no clue how to keep a lead even after they blew that lead to the Pats in the Super Bowl. 

Another bright spot in that game, Michael Thomas came back and didn’t miss a beat, showing why he is still a top-tier receiver.

One last thing about the NFL I want to talk about is the Broncos and Seahawks game. 

Russell Wilson, how are you going to let your old team beat you like that? 

Geno Smith, props to you ‘cause I’m pretty sure everyone forgot you were still in the league before this game, but holy hell I would have never guessed that Geno Smith would outduel Russell Wilson. 

By no means did Wilson even play bad, it’s just like a “damnit” moment because he wanted to leave to go to a contender and then his contender lost to the team he left. 

Funny how the world works like that sometimes. 

Also, I think Geno Smith might have had the coldest quote of all time, “They wrote me off, but I ain’t write back.” 

That might the hardest post game quote ever and I almost guarantee we hear it in a rap song within six months.

Onto the MLB. the regular season is closing up here, and I’m going to go out on a limb and say I think that the Dodgers are the favorites to win the World Series, but a handful of other teams look poised to make a run this postseason. 

The Houston Astros always seem to make their way there so I wouldn’t be surprised if they were there again.

Albert Pujols is only 2 home runs away from cracking 700 on his career and I’m pretty sure if he gets one more, pitchers are going to just start feeding him pitches down the middle so he can get it. 

Baseball seems like a sport that would let a well-respected guy like Pujols get to that milestone.

On a less heartwarming note, I feel bad for Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout.

Two of the most electrifying players in baseball just getting wasted away on the damn Angels. 

What a shame. 

Like Trout has made the playoffs once in his whole career, and Ohtani hasn’t made the playoffs in his career yet. I get they are both still in their primes and have plenty of years left, but come on now, give them some help.

The NHL and NBA haven’t made too much noise in the past couple weeks because of training camps starting and players focusing on the coming season. But, a couple signings in the NHL have happened prior to training camps.

Evan Rodrigues signed with the reigning Stanley Cup champ, Colorado Avalanche. 

Not really a crazy signing to me. 

He is coming off a solid season last year with the Pens, and gives the Avs good depth scoring. 

Another signing was Tyler Motte to the Ottawa Senators. Again, another depth signing before training camp. 

The Sens had a busy offseason this year and have a drastically different look than previous years so they might actually be worth paying attention to this year.

The past couple weeks of the NHL off season has consisted of teams locking up their young stars to long term deals or older guys getting 1 year “prove it” deals. 

Nothing too crazy.

Hot Dog Boy, Phil Kessel, is in Vegas now so that should be comical for the fans and J.T. Miller is going to be collecting a fat paycheck from the Canucks for the next 7 years. 

That is going to take him into retirement.

NBA-wise it has been quiet as a mouse. 

Dennis Schroder signed a 1-year deal with the Lakers. But other than that, it has been pretty quiet. The only real commotion I’ve seen lately is players complaining about their 2k ratings, which is kind of funny to be honest.

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