CU teams volunteer Spartan Race

Once a year, the Spartan Race comes to Killington and a handful of us Castleton Spartans help out by volunteering to work the event and help it run smoothly. 

This year was the second year I had done it, and every year I always say to myself “I’m going to run it next year.” 

I said it last year but couldn’t this year because I was volunteering both days of the race. So, I guess we will see next year if that changes. 

All together the event is crazy. You see these people who are going through what looks like absolute hell on a mountain all day long, and by the end of the day you can’t help but feel pain for them because you are seeing people cramp up constantly just trying to beat this race.   

The race is split up into three different categories: The Ultra, the Beast, and the Sprint. 

The Ultra being the hardest of the three, people that run the Ultra are marked with a purple pinny so the people running the Beast and Sprint know to let them pass through and go in front.  

The Ultra covers over 30 miles and has a total of 70 obstacles for the contestants to conquer over the course of the day. 

Yeah, absolutely crazy, I know. 

When we are sitting there volunteering, you can’t help but feel like a lazy piece of work while watching the Ultras race. 

The Beast is 30 obstacles and over about 13 miles. 

This is the one I want to try and beat. A couple of my teammates ran it last year and finished, so I want to give it a try before I leave Castleton. 

Last is the Sprint which is a 5k with 20 obstacles. 

I almost did this one this year but opted to keep volunteering rather than run it.  

The atmosphere of the race is crazy. Everyone is cheering for everyone. 

People from all over the globe come to try and conquer this race due to it being tabbed as “one of the hardest Spartan Races there is.” 

Last year when I volunteered for it, all I heard was that it was the hardest race they had done yet. And this year while most had said it was easier than the previous years, they said it still tops the majority of the other races.  

I think that everyone cheering on everyone is the thing that was a big shock to me. 

No matter who you are, someone you don’t know will be cheering you on to finish the race. Everyone is so encouraging there, and it is a great thing to see.  

As an athlete from the outside looking in at the race, I totally feel that I can do it no problem, which is why I want to run it before I graduate. 

I say that now, but I’m not sure what to expect when I’m actually up on that mountain. 

It is definitely an experience to work the Spartan Race, but not nearly as much as it is to run one, I’m assuming. I’ll have to let you know when I maybe run it next year. 

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