The truth behind cancelling student debt

Facebook is filled with “geniuses” sharing their opinions on Joe Biden’s controversial Student Loan Relief plan, but the pros and cons of the plan aren’t being discussed factually.

One Facebook user wrote, “I paid my own way with help from my parents….we didn’t ask anyone to fix it for us.” Another wrote, “FYI regarding Joe Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Campaign, there’s an INCOME CAP on it which is dumb.”

What those users are failing to see is that if your parents are able to assist you with paying your tuition bills, you do not need the government’s money to help you. Also, if both parents are included in the picture, that technically is three separate incomes including yourself, helping to pay your bills. Wealthy families who can easily make payments on their child’s loans, stress-free, can’t be compared to students who have no added income from anyone, who are working a minimum wage job and barely keeping their heads above water.

I can completely see why an abundance of people are angry – many former college students had to work hard and struggle to pay off their student debt. Others had to turn down colleges they could not afford and settle for something less, including myself. Others did not even make it to college because, in general, it was too expensive.

These are all sacrifices people had to make and all of a sudden it’s free for others? Personally, when I graduate, I will have all of my student loans completely paid for by the Student Loan Relief plan. This sounds like pure bliss to me, as it would anyone else, but again, I can see why this would anger those who dropped everything to make it by. Not to mention the current rise in inflation rates, taxes, etc.

However, those complaining about this amazing gift and advantage given to current and recently graduated students, should try to think compassionately for a minute, not only to support these students’ dreams, but to support their future child’s dreams, their future grandchildren’s dreams and the future generations dreams.

Remember the Covid Relief Stimulus checks totaling 931 billion dollars? I was an early student in college during this time, a full time student, working part time, paying my own bills, living away from home, but I did not reach the age mark to be considered “independent” on my taxes.

Therefore, my parents were able to claim me and received the stimulus check that I would have gotten. Was I angry I did not get the money even though I paid for everything I had and needed? Yes. Was I upset that so many adults around me were getting money from the government that most of the time, did not need it as much as young adults in my situation? Yes.

But did I complain because this was an amazing thing for the American people who truly needed it and would be relieved? Absolutely not. I was unselfish, pleased, hopeful and just felt “full” that so many struggling individuals and families were getting a bit of a break during a very rough time. I still remember my mom being so ecstatic because her fridge was full for the first time in a long time.

Americans need to stop being selfish, hypocritical, and ungrateful humans. Things can still be good even if it doesn’t benefit you.

As another Facebook user writes, “the same people who are complaining about today’s student debt forgiveness announcement are, for the majority, the same exact people who complained about the stimulus checks. And yet, those SAME people who complained about the free government money in the past gladly cashed those checks and put them in their bank accounts when it was handed to them. Nothing, but hypocrites.”


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