Growth in a pandemic

COVID brought so many different struggles to the entire world. Some faced death, others brought life into the world, and many were forced to reshape their lives.

I was one of those people who realized that nothing lasts forever, and our lives can be flipped in an instant.

About a year ago, I was bored with school and my job, so I decided to switch it up. I hopped onto Indeed and searched for jobs in the Castleton-Rutland area.

The first thing I saw was a farm looking for a crew member. It was mostly outdoors, convenient hours, and decent pay.

I went for it.

Within a couple days I got an email from my soon-to-be-boss, Janis.

“We’re so excited to talk to you! Thank you so much for applying!”

A week after that I was hired over my first ever Zoom interview, and I’d be starting right after finals.

So exciting!

Little did I know, that job would turn into one of the greatest experiences of my life. Over the past year we’ve grown so much as a business, and I’ve become my boss’ right hand. It feels really good to have someone trusting in me and see my strengths. I’ve never had someone care that much about me, and Janis and her husband, Jason, treat me like one of their own.

So, dear COVID, thank you for pushing me to go for things I never thought I would. Even though you sucked for a while, you made me grow and I’m forever grateful for that.

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