What the hell happened? Sports bloopers

Here we are, another batch of sports oddities and wacky shit for me to break down, so get ready to find out what the hell happened.

First up, we’ve got some breaking news on the Denver Broncos, and their stadium. 

Mile High Stadium caught fire. 

Like it actually burst into flames.

The fire left none injured, but it torched at least six rows of seats and a suite area, turning $60,000 worth of ticket value into smoke.

The Broncos recently acquired star quarterback Russell Wilson, so I guess the Broncos are a little eager to get onto a hot streak.


Sorry, I better stop with the dad jokes before this series gets shut down.

Reports say the fire was accidental and started from a construction zone.

I guess the Broncos took the phrase ‘let Russ cook’ a little too seriously.

Well shit, who do I even call out for this one?

Nature, what the hell happened?

At Michigan’s pro day, star pass rusher David Ojabo wasn’t having a good time.

He ran a drill where he caught a pass, changed direction, and then collapsed to the ground.

We later found out Ojabo tore his Achilles tendon during the drill, but the injury isn’t what has people freaking out.

When the injury happened, the person running the drill simply walked past the injured Ojabo to pick up the ball and reset the drill. 

The coaches, scouts and other observers watched without any concern or empathy for Ojabo, as he writhed in agony. 

Come on people, the guy’s clearly in serious pain, and it was a non-contact lower-body injury, which pretty much always means something major was torn.

Get him some help!

At least express some empathy for the guy, I mean my god.

 aTo the observers of this pro day, what the hell happened?

As you may remember, Tom Brady has finally retired.

Just kidding, of course he came back from retirement. He’s never gonna stop playing football.

Hell, he probably saw these gas prices and decided he needed to make more money.

You heard it here first folks, even Tom Brady of all people couldn’t handle these gas prices.

Anyway, mere hours before his un-retirement, somebody bought his “final” touchdown ball of his career for…

Drumroll please…

$500,000, holy shit!

All that money for his last touchdown ball, and now he’s back to throw more touchdowns.

The poor guy got robbed.

Tom Brady, what the hell happened?

Our biggest loser without a doubt has to be everybody’s March Madness brackets. 

Right out of the gates, the 2-seed Kentucky loses to a 15-seed? 

University of Kentucky, what the hell happened?

1-seed Baylor loses in the second round?

Baylor, what the hell happened?

11-seed Iowa State upset 6-seed LSU and 3-seed Wisconsin.

Two 12-seeds upset their opposing 5-seeds

Guys, what the hell happened?

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