A tale of the busted bracket

This might be the craziest March Madness I have witnessed in my lifetime. 

Upset after upset, brackets being busted on games that were considered “locks.” Never in my bracket-building years have I been so pissed, yet I still somehow end up with a half decent bracket until the Elite 8. 

In my bracket pool, I was sitting at first for the longest time and I felt like it was a lock for me to win the $600 pool of money.

I was wrong.

Down goes Gonzaga, down goes to Kentucky, down go all these powerhouse schools.

Here comes St. Peter’s; walking in and running over Purdue, which I had in Final Four. 

Okay, St. Peter’s, it was cool seeing a 15-seed upset everyone until it messed up my bracket and any chance I had to win money. But, I mean good for them — not good for my bracket because at the same time that happened, my predicted winner Gonzaga loses.

I was sitting there kind of speechless with how my bracket just got destroyed within like a two hour span. I went from first to ninth. And the craziest part is, I have never watched a college basketball game in my life until this year because I was in first. 

Now I don’t even want to look at a basketball. 

Well, for starters, my final four was Gonzaga, Purdue, Houston and LSU.

Safe to say now I am not winning. I had so much promise but fell short. 

Gonzaga took the L from Arkansas. Purdue gets knocked out by Doug Edert and the Cinderella boys. Houston gets smacked by Villanova. And LSU gets bounced in the first round by Iowa St.

To be honest, the only thing I took from all of this is that Doug Edert is a baller, and the memes of this kid are comedy gold. He dropped 20 points on one of the most prestigious NCAA basketball programs in country. 

This whole tournament has been so close, with games going down to the wire constantly. But now we get to see some of the most prestigious programs face off in the Final Four. Duke vs. UNC for the first time ever in the tournament and Villanova vs. Kansas. Four schools that are in the tournament every year and all have had success. 

Duke’s Coach K is running it back one last time in the tournament to walk off as a champion, and wasn’t it fun watching the 15-seed St. Peter’s get so far?

This tournament has been filled with great stories top to bottom. 

I guess that is why they call it March Madness, because this has been crazy. 

I have never really been a huge fan of basketball. I had always stayed up to date on the NBA but never really checked in on college basketball. 

All I can say is this tournament is way better than the NBA playoffs and it’s not even close. 

To be honest, a quarter of these schools I have never even heard of like St. Peter’s. I love how this tournament goes and the amount of hype around some of the lesser-known schools after they upset one of the big dogs. It is grade-A entertainment for a sports fan.

But when it is all said and done, it comes down to one winner and with St. Peter’s Cinderella story coming to an end against UNC, it only seems right for Coach K and the Duke Blue Devils to ride off into the sunset with a championship win. 

Will I be right?

Probably not, just like the rest of my picks in my bracket. 

But it just feels like it would make the most sense for one of the most prestigious college basketball coaches to ride off as the champ. 

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