Hard Times and Frozen Lips

Feeling loose.

Feeling blue,

much like the sounds,

of a groovy blues tune.

But today was tough.

But today was rough,

much like the brush,

of a burning trust.

So, welcome to hard


welcome to dark skies,

welcome to a world with

more lies.

More lies… than a 

fine line.

Having a confused mind,

it’s too easy to come by.

I say I’m fine…

but I just can’t find why…

why a confused mind…


Frozen lips,

empty thoughts,

and a broken kiss.

It’s easy to miss,

when feeling bliss.

And why?

Why can’t I feel…

when I want to feel.

And why?

Why can I feel…

when I don’t want to


It’s a confusing world,

filled with not enough 


In an instance, I feel like

a swirl.

Waiting to go down, in a

god damn twirl.

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