The thief of the night…clubs

If you find yourself in a night club, a lot of money will soon be vanished from your pockets. Bright flashing lights, attractive men and women, a dance floor, and an experienced DJ.

A perfect combo to blow a lot of money on alcohol. 

With all cocktails having a starting price of $16, and going up to $25, Hava night club in Boston Massachusetts offers a very expensive experience. 

To get into the club itself, you need $30.

Once you’re in, you’re in. But once you leave, you’re not welcome back in. 

Next you need drinks for your crew of friends. 

You order four vodka Red Bulls, and your wallet is now $70 lighter.

As you walk to the dance floor, someone rams into you, making you go back to the bartender. You spend $18 on your new drink and learn to hold onto your beverage with two firm hands when dancing. 

It doesn’t stop there.

Four vodka crannies are up next for the crew of four and $65 vanishes into thin air, with your tab now at $153. 

Shots for everyone.

Including the attractive bar tender, as you are now tipsy and flirty – but realize she puts her shot on your tab.

$57 leaves your wallet, as shots of vodka go down for five. 

The night is still young, and little do you know how much more money you will spend.

Another round of shots for four: $45.

Another round of drinks for four, this time vodka crannies with a splash of pineapple juice: $75. 

A round of Lynchburg lemonades: $80.

And one last round of shots: $45. 

Your tab is now at a total of $455.

And don’t forget you paid $30 each to get into the club, making your total experience cost $575. 

The prices may be through the roof, but you are paying for the experience.

You are paying for the DJ, bright flashy lights, a dance floor and attractive people.

You are paying for the security, bouncers, the attractive bartender and very expensive alcohol. 

But are you really paying for very expensive alcohol? 

Hava night club is selling handles of vodka, scotch, whisky and tequila from a range of $400 to $850, dependent on the brand. 

On average, a handle for any of those liquors is at most $50.

This means, on average, Hava is making $350 for every handle sold. 

That’s a ton of profit, but you have to account for something very important.

To rent a club in Boston, Massachusetts it costs roughly $15,000 to $20,000 a month.

To rent a DJ for four hours it costs $600 to $1,200.

And full club insurance for a night club can range from $500 to $1,000 a month. 

Also, Hava and other night clubs are often only open for two days a week.

In the city of Boston, there are more than 20 night clubs all fighting in the same two-day business, and with a maximum of eight hours over the weekend the sell alcohol. 

In just four hours, a crew of four friends can easily spend $140 each on seven drinks and entrance fee.

That’s an average of $20 a drink, and making Hava, on average, $40,000 a night with a capacity of 300, if each person buys five to seven drinks. 

That’s just too much.

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