House that Hannah Built: Holiday Edition

Well friends, Brendan and I have been dating for a whole year! Which is crazy, because it feels like this year was going 60mph in a school zone. But just because it was quick, does not mean it was easy.

Because of COVID, we spent a lot of time together. We figured each other out quickly and learned what kind of things annoy each other to no end. For example, I hate it when Brendan wiggles his tongue all around when he thinks.

It’s gross.

We got to see the bad moments, like crying because of the stress of a new job, or not feeling like my life is going in the right direction, or when the Red Sox start to lose a game and Brendan screams at the man in the blue shirt because the ball was totally “fair.” Ultimately, this stuff just brought us closer together and helped us learn boundaries quickly.

Like, how I know to wear headphones when a sports game is on TV. Which brings me to my best, most magnificent piece of dating advice I will ever give:

Alone time.

You heard it here first, people. I love Brendan with my whole heart, but if I had to spend every minute of every day with him, I probably wouldn’t ever say that.

Just before Thanksgiving break, we found that everything was making us upset. Even something small, like him whistling while washing the dishes, would send me into the world’s biggest hissy fit.

So, when deciding where to spend the holiday, we decided to spend it apart. He went home to Connecticut, and I stayed here.

It was glorious.

Not only did I get the bed all to myself, get to watch Dance Moms in the living room, and have Trader Joe’s food for dinner every night, but it gave me the chance to miss him.

And despite the mood I was in before he left, I actually did miss him.

It was a good way to reset and have much needed alone time. And now that he’s back we are in the jolliest of moods.

It is Christmas time, friends.

For the last few months, I have seen countless TikToks of girls just trying to get into the holiday spirit, and their boyfriends being total Grinches.

But not Brendan.

Today, we went thrifting to find the best and tackiest Christmas décor we could. And we scored big. We came home with ornaments, a nutcracker, little porcelain houses, a Christmas tree cookie jar, and so much more.

We even sang carols on the drive.

I have always loved Christmas time, but something about this year feels extra magical.

Things that do not bring me joy: trying to hide Brendan’s presents from him so I can keep them a secret.

If you have been staying updated on the House that Hannah Built, you will know our apartment is small.

I have had a stroke of genius, a creative mindset, and a pocket full of Christmas cheer when picking out the perfect gifts for my lovely boyfriend.

And if any of those are found in their hiding places, I know it won’t be because he snoops. No, no. It will be because we have approximately 3 square feet of storage space.

But even if he sees what I got him, or Humphrey the cat knocks down our tree (which will probably happen,) I am so glad I got a whole year with Brendan.

Hopefully I get so many more.

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