What the Hell Happened? Sports bloopers

A father catches foul ball at a game by letting go of his child and not his beer. He caught the child too.

Welcome to “What the Hell Happened,” where I’ll be breaking down blunders, bloopers, and fails in the world of sports. Because for every highlight reel play, there’s always something really stupid that makes you ask “what the hell happened?”

Kickin’ it off, we got some bad fielding in the baseball world that’s losing games for teams. Last Thursday, the Cubs won in the 11th inning on a walk-off infield fly that the second baseman Wilmer Difo lost in the windy Chicago sky, and couldn’t catch.

The very next day, also in the 11th inning, Dodgers infielder Trae Turner makes an easy throw to first for the final out of the game. Psych! The throw pulls the first baseman off the bag just enough to not only let the runner reach, but it also lets the winning run score for the Giants.

To make matters worse, the Giants and Dodgers are locked in an all-out war for the division lead, so ya know, that probably wasn’t really the best time to screw up a throw to first. Wilmer Difo and Trae Turner, what the hell happened guys?

Next, we’ve got some really bad umpiring. Yes, the umps always suck but August was especially bad, and this story takes the cake. Cardinals outfielder Lars Nootbaar is at the plate in a 2-1 count and watches strike two, however home plate umpire Ryan Additon calls him out thinking it’s strike three.

After everyone in the world looks at him like he’s a maniac, he checks and sees that he screwed up and the count moves to 2-2. Fast-forward to Nootbaar’s next at bat, and he’s quickly in a 1-1 count. The next pitch is called strike two, BUT THE UMPIRE RINGS HIM UP AGAIN!

He actually thought it was strike three – again. Look, I watch a lot of baseball, and I see a lot of crazy stuff, but I’ve never seen a player called out with only two strikes, and to have it happen twice in the same game, to the same batter? I mean, holy Jesus, that’s just absolutely wild. Come on Ryan Additon, what the hell happened man? Get it together. You’re embarrassing yourself.

Before we get into the biggest loser of today, or in this case losers, I wanna talk about a fan, and a father, who is not being talked about nearly enough. This absolute beast of a man sees a foul ball coming to him, and let’s note that he has an infant in his left arm and a beer in his right hand.

Without hesitation, he lets go of the baby, shoots his left hand up to catch the ball, brings his left arm down to catch the baby out of mid-air, and to top it all off, he only spills a couple drops of beer. Talk about father of the year, and quite possibly my new role model.

And today’s loser of the episode goes to who else but the New York Mets. Other than them being the Mets, let’s check out what’s happening over there. At this point, the Mets have lost 12 of their last 14 games, and the fans ain’t having it. They start booing like crazy.

The next game they played pretty well, but when Javier Baez and Francisco Lindor would get big hits, they turned to the crowd and held up a thumbs down gesture. Obviously, this pissed off the fans but it also angered the Mets front office, which had to issue an apology for their players’ behavior. Francisco Lindor, Javier Baez, you’re officially today’s biggest losers. Say it with me everybody, what the hell happened guys?

Going forward we’ll have the NFL and NBA starting up so I’ll have a better diversity of crazy stuff to share, but for now this has been “What the Hell Happened.” Peace out everyone, take it easy.

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