Green pass for students

Castleton student Sophia Buckley-Clement poses with her Green Pass.
The Green Pass allows for students to attend in-person classes.

Something new is hanging off the lanyards of eager first-year students and stuffed into the bottoms of the bags of exhausted seniors. It is what Castleton University calls the “Spartan Green Pass”. This little green paper has a huge purpose on campus. You can’t even get to class without it.

According to Jeanean Dunlap, a Senior Staff Assistant at the Wellness Center, there is a lot to be told about this bright green paper.

The Spartan Green Pass allows students to show compliance with Castleton University’s COVID-19 policy. Dunlap believes that it will keep campus a lot safer since all students have to follow the guidelines to either be fully vaccinated, have an exemption or not live on campus. Dunlap is a big supporter of the green card saying,
“I think it’s a great thing!,” she says. “It’s a really good way to keep everyone safe on campus.”

This opinion is immensely popular among students and staff at Castleton University. Junior Liliana Farrell, agrees with the creation of the Spartan Green Pass. “I think it’s a really great idea,” she says. “It is an effective way to keep us safe and it is a necessary thing to have to make sure people are hopefully vaccinated. We should enforce it!”

So far, the only complaint is the fact that some students are losing it, but besides that, everyone agrees the Green Passes are the best way to keep the student population safe.

Hopefully, the spread of COVID-19 stays away from the beautiful campus of Castleton so students can stay and learn. These Spartan Green Passes is a huge step in keeping students on campus as well as many other regulations, such as mask wearing.

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