Castleton enjoys Castleton

Myra Castleton (center) with friends during the Candle lighting ceremony.

Names are an integral part of who we are.

They help mold our identity and give us a sense of history. Sometimes though, there can be interesting coincidences associated with said names.

One such instance belongs to incoming freshman Myra Castleton.

If you didn’t notice, her last name is spelled the exact same way as the school she is attending. She sat down earlier this week and discussed this crazy coincidence.

Apparently, this was a major factor in deciding where to go to school – no coincidence at all.

“I needed to go to college,” she said “So out of curiosity I looked up colleges with my last name and there it was.”

An old family name, Castleton originated from the Isle of Man between England and Ireland, and was her “Dad’s, Dad’s Dad’s…” last name, she said.

When asked about what people say when hearing her last name, Myra said, “They usually say it’s really cool.”

Coming all the way from Salt Lake City, Utah, Myra’s dreams are to work in psychological science, specifically becoming a psychologist. When she saw the psychological program here, her mind was made up.

When asked about what she thought of Castleton, she said it was really nice, specifically pointing out the abundance of vegan options, the interest in political discussion and diversity of opinion.

“Wow this is my place,” she said.

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