COVID-19 Fuels poor TikTok shopping decision


After a few weeks of being in lockdown, I came to the conclusion that desperate times call for desperate measures.

I gave in and downloaded what would become my only source of joy and happiness during lockdown: TikTok. 

After a couple of days of randomly browsing the app, I stumbled across fashion TikTok. While I had no idea how I ended up there, I was eager to learn more about pastel colors, oversized t-shirts, and dainty accessories.

The countless TikTok creators made me understand that I absolutely needed biker shorts if I wanted to be a cool kid in the summer of 2020.

I quickly consulted the and promptly found the perfect biker shorts on Amazon. Lauren from the UK enthusiastically shared how awesome the tummy control and buttery soft fabric were. I decided that Lauren spoke the truth, put the shorts in my cart, and proceed to check out.

After a long week, the biker shorts finally arrived at my doorstep. 

I ripped the package open and inspected the shorts. Slightly brushed fabric with a soft feel and a seamless waistband. Lauren was right, the shorts felt great. I just had to look fabulous in them.

I already had a vision of the perfect outfit with the magical shorts in mind. 

I learned on TikTok that they would look adorable paired with a loose crop top, gold hoop earrings, and chunky sneakers.

When I finally put the shorts on, reality hit me.

The image I saw in the mirror was unfortunate to say the least.

I looked like my middle-aged neighbor when he does yardwork. Not even the seamless waistband could distract from the fact that I looked like I was about to use a leaf blower on an early Sunday morning. The functional crocs I was wearing completed the look.

It was not it.

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