Early college was the right choice, despite COVID

I always said I would never do early college as a senior in high school. 

“I don’t want to miss out on my senior year,” I would say. 

But COVID unfortunately had a different plan for me. COVID took away my senior year all on its own, so early college was looking like the best option for me. 

The decision to enroll was one I contemplated for a while. I would essentially be missing out on my senior year in high school and freshman year in college, which, in my opinion, are both very important years. 

At the end of the day, I had to choose what would benefit me the most, and only needing half an elective to graduate at my high school, starting college early sounded like the most logical option. 

There were no pep rallies, no spirit week, no school dances, no lockers at the high school, so I wasn’t really missing out on much. 

But doing early college online has been one of the best experiences. Last semester I was all online, and I loved having freedom during the day to create my own schedule. Being able to work toward finishing a semester in college and having the ability to do it in an environment I felt comfortable in was a win-win. 

This semester I am all online except one class, Sports Management. I don’t mind going in person, but it is a big change for me. 

I am a senior in high school surrounded by college kids. I feel so young compared to them. But going in-person for one class will definitely help me with the transition if we go all in-person come fall. 

One difference I have felt from last semester to this semester is my eagerness and effort to learn. The first semester was a shift for me and I had to adapt and get comfortable with becoming a college student, which hindered my learning experience. I was very unmotivated, and unprepared the first semester, and COVID didn’t help. But now, sitting down with my advisor and creating a schedule that will help me toward my major has helped me work harder at my classes. I have a purpose for these classes because ultimately, I need them for my major, and that gives me motivation to do well. 

Overall, my early college-COVID experiences have definitely been a learning challenge. It has helped me become more organized, time efficient, and has also helped me to balance my work, school work, social life, and sports life. 

It was a great decision for the circumstance I was in.



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