Mother and daughter and the COVID-19 wake-up call


COVID-19 seemed like an issue that would never really affect me.

I knew it was serious, but I never thought it would be a problem for anyone close to me.

I was wrong.

My mom had started to feel really sick out of the blue. She had a terrible headache and she thought that she just had a sinus infection. After a day of dealing with the symptoms, she had a sneaking suspicion that it was worse than she actually thought.

She ordered a COVID test just to be safe. When she eventually went to go get her test and got her results, she found out she did have it.

As soon as she found out, she quarantined herself in her room and called everyone at her work to tell them.

I got tested as well and surprisingly I was negative.

But this meant that I had to stay away from my mom for at least two weeks.

This was all really bad timing because I had just started my Jan Term Global Studies class, so I was really busy with school work. It was a 15-week class being taught in three weeks so it was very difficult to balance all that along with taking care of my mom.

Those three weeks were full of stops to the CVS, ordering food, and late nights hunched over my laptop taking map/chapter quizzes, doing vocab lists, and working on projects.

I honestly do not know how I managed to balance all of that and still get good grades and take care of my mom, but I did it.w

The day when my mom finally said that she felt completely healthy was such a relief. It was really hard for me to focus on anything else while I was so worried about her.

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