Honored to represent CU

Sometimes in life, the most unexpected things happen.

This morning at 9:10 a.m., my house started shaking!! I had just woken up and sat down to write a column about the presidential election, and all the sudden I heard a rumble, then felt the shake and heard a rattle in my house!

That was the first time I ever felt a major tremor from a somewhat nearby earthquake.

But that’s not even the most unexpected thing that happened to me today.

Here I am, watching the Steelers game, very disappointed in them for trailing to the 2-6 Cowboys in the fourth quarter. I go to check my phone, which is charging in my room, and I see a video texted in a Spartan editors’ group chat from my dear friend Ryan Boeke.

There I am. On a shining Castleton University billboard screen in Fort Ann, New York, a mere 238 miles away from my hometown of Stonington, Connecticut.

When I initially saw it, I didn’t think much of it. I was just kind of like, “Woah, that’s me on a screen.” But then I realized it was a billboard and I was like – “Does this mean I’m famous?”

I mean granted, you can’t really see my face.

Which is kinda good.

Less paparazzi.

But still, I wonder how many eyes are seeing that billboard.

Obviously, there’s a little sarcasm there, but it’s still pretty wild. It’s definitely something you wouldn’t expect to see when you go check your phone.

I remember when I randomly said “yeah, sure” when I was asked to be a part of those photo opportunities for Castleton. I don’t know why I did, and I certainly never thought I’d end up on a billboard.

Part of me feels like I should be out there sitting underneath it at a table asking if anyone wants autographs.

Again, sarcasm, but this may be the closest I’ve come to “fame” – aside from when I clearly asked a referee on NESN, the local TV channel for the Boston Red Sox and Bruins, if he had glasses at a college basketball game after a foul.

I wonder if I have a career in advertisement modeling. I may need to get a haircut at this point though. And lose my quarantine belly.

I also wondered if using my likeness for marketing required some sort of financial compensation?

Kidding, of course. I’m honored to represent Castleton University, in my opinion, the best college in the country.

No bias, of course.

In fact, that was my text response to the group chat I saw the video in.

What an honor and a privilege.

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