Covid Chronicles: Taking “senior” seriously

This is the latest installment of the Covid Chronicles blog from a Castleton University Media Writing class detailing students’ experiences during the pandemic.

Maher’s desk as she works on a puzzle during class.

Let’s be real, no one excepted a pandemic to happen during their time in college. I sure didn’t.

But here I am, back with my parents, doing puzzles on Saturday nights. The kicker is my parents aren’t even helping with the puzzle. I chose to start it, it’s my fun project for the week.

I think I may be taking this senior thing too literally.

Honestly, I am enjoying it. As long as I don’t think too much about what I would be doing if I was on campus for a regular year.

Yes, I miss my friends and have a nagging feeling deep in my stomach that my 20s are slipping away from me. But that’s our life now.

The whole romanticizing of youth is overrated anyway. Life is so much more than a handful of years from when our brains are still developing.  

It’s easy to type this but not as easy to wholly believe. We have been fed this narrative from a young age and trying to break from it is proving to be very difficult.

I have high hopes for what lies ahead. This chapter in our lives still has blank pages to be filled, but that’s now part of our story.  The pandemic will be a defining feature for our generation. Together we mourn what could have been and try to move past the expectations for our youth to look a certain way.

And if anyone has an idea of how I tell my Grandmother her puzzle is missing two pieces, please let me know.

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