Time to step up and vote

Millions of eligible Americans are not registered to vote.

Millions of registered voters never cast ballots.

I often hear, “my vote doesn’t matter, I’m in a [put color here] state.” A destructive and untrue mindset. Each vote has an impact.

The elections might not go your way, but you let your voice be heard. You showed up, showing your elected representatives and community that people care about [blank] issue.

In a presidential election year, people often get caught up in the presidential race. For good reason, it is no little race. However, it’s not the only issue on the ballot this year. Do not limit yourself to your impact on the presidential race.

You are voting for a selection of elected offices, from federal to state to town level. Budget questions, revenue bonds, and other decisions that directly affect your community and tax dollars.

Voting is your civic duty.

Partake in democracy.

The United States was founded on the principles of democracy and the power of the people.

We are the people. Do not forgo your opportunity to make change. So many have fought for your right to vote, taking centuries to get where we are today. Do not take it for granted.

Research conducted by the Institute for Democracy and Higher Education found that only 40.5% of eligible Castleton students voted in 2016, compared to the 50.4% average of university populations. In 2018, turnout for Castleton students was even lower. Only 35.9% of eligible Castleton students voted and the national university average was 38.5%.

It’s a disappointment and embarrassment to the university and ourselves.

In Vermont, registering to vote and requesting an absentee ballot takes only minutes online. Do your part, register and show up.

These are unprecedented times. If there is ever a time to start voting, it’s now.

Vote like your life depends on it and don’t just vote during presidential election years.

To register to vote online go to: https://vote.gov

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