Positive times ahead

CU students spread the message of positivity through radio

While sitting in rickety old computer chairs, three individuals gear up for a 10 a.m. start time for an hour dedicated to trying to lift the spirits of others through their choice of words.

The “I Hear Ya” podcast has now launched on Castleton Internet Radio. 

Castleton Internet Radio has been buzzing recently with students becoming interested in having their own shows. But for Brendan Crowley, Jay Mullen, and Josie Gawrys, they’re not only hyped about having a show, they’re excited that it’s all about positivity.

According to Crowley, the podcast was created for purely the purpose of putting positivity back into the Castleton community. The show also changed directions slightly before the first show.

“Jay sort of had the idea of starting up a sports and music podcast and then from there we thought we’d try a couple others like a general conversation one and of course this one about positivity, which I think is my favorite one for sure. We’re trying to spark something here and the radio show is the perfect means to do so,” Crowley said.

The three take time to reflect on the week and often offer words of encouragement to listeners to help them keep a positive mindset for the next week to come. With Crowley and Mullen being close in the beginning, they also have open arms for anyone who wants to jump onto their movement.

Gawrys is a freshman at Castleton and found her way into the radio station through her friendship with Crowley and Mullen.

“I was expecting podcasting with Brendan and Jay to feel kind of weird, because I’ve never done any live shows or podcasts before. But it felt really natural, like we were just having a conversation,” she said.

They prefer to keep the show as conversational as possible to enhance the relaxed feeling. Crowley mentioned how not only is it laid back, but having Josie take part in the show is something that adds another level to it.

“Josie is amazing. She really buys into it and she’s got some great things to say. Whenever I see her around campus, she always brightens up my day so she’s perfect fit with the show and I’m excited that she’s doing it with us,” he said.

Although the podcast just began, the friendship between Crowley and Mullen is not new. The two have practically been attached at the hip since a few weeks into the fall semester.

The duo started different sayings that have spread around campus. From the name of their podcast, I Hear Ya, to ‘Hi, how are ya,’ the two have become infamous across campus due to their bond. A close friend of Mullen, Meranda Allen, commented on the blooming relationship she’s seen between Crowley and Mullen.

“Seeing them together is like seeing really close brothers or a married couple. They’re on the same wavelength,” she said.

They’ve also become roommates. Mullen views the friendship as a true brotherhood.

“I remember the first time I met the guy was in a Castleton Spartan newspaper meeting and I was still in the process of coming out of my shell and talking to people, but we never really hung out or anything like that. Fast forward a year and we were both on the editing staff for the paper and we just bonded over music and sports among other things. Now we live together, and it is so fun, there’s never a dull moment in North 109,” he said.

Crowley feels the same way about his best friend. He never thought that he would make such a great friend at Castleton, but he’s glad he did.

“We build off each other and bounce ideas. We’re super flexible and open to listening to each other. It just works. Like I said, he’s like a brother to me and I’m excited to keep this stuff up.”

In their most recent podcast, they all touched on something they want to do this week to be kind and spread kindness around the campus.

For Crowley, he wanted to inspire others to keep their heads up while walking around campus. He mentioned that even just a smile to a stranger could shed a small light to help them feel like it would get better.

Jay Mullen and Brendan Crowley discuss a topic.

“I challenge you when you’re walking around anywhere, keep your phone in your pocket, keep your eyes up, you know, if they’re looking, give them a nod, say hi, or a smile,” he said.

Gawrys brought forward the challenge to compliment others. She mentioned that if you think of a compliment, don’t be afraid to say it. When you compliment another person, it can absolutely make their day.

Lastly, Mullen challenged listeners to listen to songs that keep them happy. He also challenged himself to post a song that he loves to his social media every day.

The three want people on the Castleton campus to know that it is so simple to be kind and radiate kindness. It’s understandable that some days are harder than other, but they want to reiterate that there will always be bumps in the road, but they are there to help you grow.

“There’s a lot worse that could happen. It could be 10 times worse than this,” Crowley said.

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