Art League club hopes to spread the love of art

The creative side of Castleton University now has a new outlet through a new club on campus known as the Art League.

Recently revived by students Haydn Renouf and Jasmin Gomez, artists now have an opportunity to come together.

“Art is honestly my life,” Renouf, president of the club, said. “I wanted to get together all of the different artists on campus, not necessarily just art majors.”

Gomez, who is the vice president of the club, added that the goal is to bring creativity to Castleton while also providing help with student art.

“We want to offer help with art history and final pieces for art classes,” she said.

The idea came up during a yearly art department meeting. Professors Phil Whitman and Oliver Schemm suggested that the club become active again, and Renouf approached Gomez with the idea.

She thought it was important to give artists the chance to get together.

“It’s hard sometimes being an artist because it’s kind of isolating, it’s not something a lot of people do, so it’s good to get everyone together and bounce ideas off,” Renouf said.

The Art League has already had one meeting where fund-raising was discussed to bring in money for an art trip to Boston or New York.

“We also want to take trips to art museums and galleries like Mass MOCA, the Met, and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts,” said Gomez.

Renouf said that you do not need to consider yourself an artist to attend the meetings. All students are welcome.

Both she and Gomez hope to inspire others to be more artistic.

“I hope students will be able to develop a love for art and experience all the positive benefits of it,” Gomez said.

The Art League will have their second meeting on Thursday, Nov. 14 at 12:30 p.m. during n-period in the Fine Arts Center, room 117.

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