Fresh Perspectives: The moments that have defined me

“There are moments in our lives that define us. Moments that we keep on going back to…sometimes there are bad moments and good moments.”

Graduating high school.

That was a moment to remember, it was one of the greatest days in my life.

I remember crying because I was so happy. That was the day that my whole family got back together since my parents got divorced.

I remember both sides being mixed together in the rows, sitting and talking amongst each other. Whether it was chit-chat or conversations about how I was doing, it didn’t matter. Everyone was so proud that I finally made it after struggling in school all my life.

That day was filled with so much laughter and so many tears from friends and family, reminiscing about what I was like as a young girl and how I’ve grown. 

My parents’ divorce

That day was one of the hardest days I’ve ever encountered.

As a young child realizing that your parents aren’t going to be together is really heartbreaking. I remember crying so much as a 4-year-old.

That moment really defined me because after it was all over, I had to pack my bags and travel between my mother’s house and my father’s house every week. I had to pack twice a week to bring stuff back and forth.

I would always forget something. And then whoever was home would have to bring it over, whether it be my glasses or a book or homework that was left on a desk.

Getting accepted to college

I remember this very well. My aunt was visiting and I was upstairs just scrolling through some emails. I had come across a specific one coming from Castleton.

My eyes started to tear up and it felt like my heart was beating out it’s chest. As I read the email I was jumping up and down on my bed with every word I read.

I raced down the stairs screaming, almost slipping and falling down the stairs. I shoved my phone in my mom’s hand and shouted, “READ IT OH MY GOD!” We cried out of joy. Hugging both my moms and my aunt, we celebrated for the rest of the night.

First college relationship

This was a good and bad moment for me. I’m not totally happy how it ended but I’m glad that I had the relationship.

It was my first real semi-serious relationship. Sure, I dated in high school, but this was different.

We’re in college now, we’re adults. Of course, college boys are still immature, but they are a lot more mature than high school ones.

It was really eye opening for me and it was sort of like a step into becoming a woman, dating as an adult and not as a silly teenager.

There are so many more moments that define us. These were just a few that defined me and there will be many more.

– Kiara Wood

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