Should the Grammy’s have a dress code?

Joy Villa is an American singer and songwriter who has become an eye-catching star on the red carpet of the Grammy’s. Since Trump’s election in 2016, she has sported multiple dresses all with influence from Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan.

As for the history of her attire at the Grammy’s, it started in 2017 with a dress that flat out said “Make America Great Again” down the front with the trail saying “Trump.”

The dress spiked outrage and controversy among the attendees of the Grammy’s and went viral because of entertainment news sources covering the situation. Needless to say, the news coverage hasn’t changed over the years when reporting on her looks at the Grammy’s.

Following her MAGA dress in 2017, Villa showed up to the 2018 Grammy’s wearing an anti-abortion dress. The dress was a white gown that featured a rainbow at the bottom resembling a mother’s stomach carrying a child. Her handbag simply says, “Choose Life.”

As for the 2019 Grammy’s, her dress has been seen as one of the most shocking dresses yet. This year she showed up wearing a dress resembling a brick wall and the back said, “Build The Wall.” The handbag chosen was yet another MAGA advertisement.

Now that the fashion choices have been discussed, people wonder if the dresses are against any form of rule for the Grammy’s dress code.

After researching, there is no public records posted online for a dress code, but if there isn’t one, should artists and attendees not be allowed to wear anything involved with or promoting political views?

Social events for celebrities are the greatest times to get a message out to other Americans who are watching. It’s a moment to promote movements that need public attention and stress the urgency of change if they are focused on changes.

But what if an artist is supporting something highly controversial? There’s a difference between supporting a movement like Black Lives Matter or March For Our Lives, but with the stance Americans hold about our current president, should they be allowed to stir the pot with their fashion choices?

Some people may see Villa’s choice of dresses as controversial and somewhat offensive. To be honest, the pro-abortion dress is on the same level of shocking as the “Build The Wall” dress she wore this year. Maybe it’s time for the academy to look into their dress code policies.

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