Cardi B, Minaj feud over?

A feud that has been going on since the beginning of September started all because of a shoe being thrown.

Granted, there were some quality memes that came from that night, but the fighting between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj has been interesting to say the least.

Things like bars in songs, comments being liked, dissing the other on social media and many other things have piled up before the whole feud escalated.

Minaj wrote songs dissing Cardi B like “No Flag” while Cardi B had a verse in “No Limit” by G-Eazy that called out Minaj.

But one night during New York Fashion Week, everything blew up.

TMZ was reporting Cardi B had stormed up to Minaj’s table and then again later on in the night to argue with her.

During the argument between the two, Cardi B threw her shoe at Minaj. TMZ also reported that Minaj didn’t even flinch when the shoe was thrown.

Now that’s insane.

After that night, Cardi B made a post to her Instagram calling out Minaj for things like dissing her and lying to her.

However, the biggest point in the post is how Cardi B mentioned that when her child is brought into things, Minaj has gone too far.   

Online sources have created timelines about the arguments between Minaj and Cardi B. If that doesn’t say that they’ve had their fair share of feuds, I don’t know what does.

As of Oct. 30, Minaj took to Twitter to clear the air with Cardi B. She said that she was done talking about the negative and was ready to focus on the positives.

Because of this tweet, Cardi B submitted a response to her saying that she was ready to move on as well.

But even though both have agreed to move on from the long lasted feud, many believe that it isn’t over.

People don’t just make up over one tweet and act like nothing happened. Cardi B LITERALLY threw her shoe at Nicki. That’s messed up.

A lot of people also wonder if it’s all a publicity stunt. It would make sense because that’s how Hollywood usually works.

Keeping a feud going on this long seems not only out of hand, but also ridiculous.

The feud has gone on long enough between the two and a lot of people who are fans of both are hoping that this truly is the end of the bickering.

Some people are even looking to see a collaboration between Cardi B and Minaj. But it might be best to give that time because things could get heated again in no time.

Who knows, maybe Minaj will throw the shoe next time.

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