‘As You Like It’ well received

A cold evening in the company of a Shakespeare play is never an evening wasted, and this production was no exception.

The late-night viewing of the classic comedy “As You Like It” was, overall, very much appreciated by students and visitors.  The costumes were dynamic with their funky 90s undertones, and the set design was engaging, elaborate, and immersive.

I was excited with the unexpected opening dance number to groovy beats, and honestly wished more of that had been peppered into the two-hour show. One could argue that having such modern music in a timeless tale detracts from the essence of the play, but I believe adapting narratives to fit their audiences is equally as timeless.

And besides, it would be a great way to break up the monotony that sometimes haunts the theater.

However, the visual aspect was the most exciting part and kept the viewers’ attention even through the long lines of contemporary English prose that Shakespeare is often infamous for.

The talented cast evoked great humor and charming character in the delivery of a theatrical classic.

Orlando, played by Jac Culpo, excelled in the delivery of the awkward but passionate love-struck outcast, and we too fell in love with Rosalind, as played by Tess Webber, with her uniqueness, nerve, and charisma.

But, and yet somehow appropriately, it was the fool Touchstone, as performed by Alex Wetherby, whom absolutely stole the audience with every scene he graced ungracefully.

I too was excited to see him in each appearance because I knew something wickedly witty was coming. Overall, on a wretchedly frigid night it is best to keep yourself in good company, and Castleton’s theater department brought a much-needed warm glow to the campus in the midst of a bitter November.

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