He’s following in my footsteps, and it feels absolutely amazing

My little brother Anthony and I have always had a strong bond and respect for each other. But we’ve never had a lot in common in terms of our interests and goals.

Until now.

Shortly before school started, Anthony decided that he did not want to return to college for his sophomore year. He didn’t know what he was doing and wasn’t feeling enthused about being a business major at the small university he was attending in Massachusetts. So, he started working at a job he had in high school.

However, earlier this past week, my mom called me and told me that he had decided to go back to college next semester.

Not only would he be returning to school, but he was changing his major to journalism, the same major as mine.

I was shocked, but I was also thrilled.

I had so many questions. What made him decide to change his major to journalism? Did he plan to start writing for his school’s newspaper? And what made him change his mind about going back to school?

My mom said that she had reminded him of how good at writing he had been in high school and that she hoped he would write for the school’s newspaper, but she didn’t know all the specifics.

So, I decided to go to the source.

Anthony seemed excited to talk about the decision. He explained how he recognized his talent as a writer because of my mom’s encouraging words and that he had been partly inspired to do it because of me.

He said that watching me do it made him realize it was something that he felt he could do too.

He plans to look into writing for his school’s paper and the enthusiasm in his voice was so evident as he talked about it.

Hearing how excited he was reminded me of my own elation when I first started my journalistic journey. I remembered how exciting it was to see my name in a byline of a story I wrote when I first started writing for The Spartan. It was a feeling like no other and it makes me so excited for him to feel that way too when his first story is published.

Sharing this is something that I think will make us closer as siblings and will be an opportunity for me to share some of the knowledge I have gained along the way too, which is really exciting for me and I think it will be for him as well. I can’t wait to see what he does with it and all the amazing stories he’ll write. It will be cool for me to watch him grow as a writer and I’m so proud of him for deciding to back to school because I know he can do it.


– Brigitta Gough

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