CAs play vital role at Castleton

Community Advisors are some of the most influential people on Castleton’s campus.

They are pegged as leaders among the Spartan community, and it shows in their character and work ethic. Being a CA brings many challenges, but also brings the opportunity to make a difference.

KC Ambrose, who is now entering her third and final year as a CA is definitely feeling bittersweet and said she will miss what it means to be a CA.

“Being a CA to me is helping residents transition from high school to college. A lot of students have never lived on their own, so guiding them to have a successful four years at Castleton as a support system is a goal,” Ambrose said.

     Mitchell LaFlam has taken on a new role this year as a Senior Community Advisor and is looking forward to what is to come.

“I still do all of the things a normal CA would do. The difference is now I’m more of a resource for the CAs who look to me for guidance, and I also act as a link between the Area Coordinators,” LaFlam said.

LaFlam smiles when he talks about his CA duties and said he’s having fun with this year’s group – so far.

“I’ve really connected well with a lot of residents, and I’ve really enjoyed working with the staff that I have. They’re all great people,” said LaFlam with a smile.

For CA of the Month Noah Woodwell, the drive to become a leader on campus stems from school pride.

“Because of the love I have for Castleton and its students, I felt I can better the campus here through my position,” Woodwell said. “I want to be there for everyone. I love doing it. It’s who I am,” he said.

Kayla St. Marie earned CA of the Month honors of her own and wants residents around campus to understand one thing.

“We are here to help. We are another resource, someone to talk to, a friend, and a listener, who you can come to with anything,” she said.

This was a common theme  other CAs expressed too: that they aren’t here to get anyone in trouble.

“There’s a common mis-conception that all CAs are bad, but that’s not true. I want to have great relationships with my residents. I think all CAs around campus have done a great job of doing that,” Woodwell said.

LaFlam hopes to educate his residents on the policies to keep them safe and build this friendship St. Marie spoke of.

“I think it’s really important to understand that while we are here to enforce policy, we are also here to be your friend. We are students too, and we want to be a great connection for residents to have while in college,” he said.

“It’s in the name. It’s about building community and making sure residents have someone to go to,” St. Marie said.

Ambrose said she is just enjoying the ride in her last go around.

“It’s definitely sad because I met a lot of amazing people through my years as a CA, including both residents and my staff of CAs. I can go out saying that I feel like I made a difference and had an impact on this campus,” Ambrose said.


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