Apple watches trendy at CU

Apple watches are the newest Apple product students love. Photo by Martin VanBuren III. 

Today, it seems that everywhere around you, people are sporting Apple Watches. And Castleton University students are no different. They walk around like special agents from a movie in the future, talking into their watches.

“My main use of an Apple Watch is to receive text messages, so when I can’t look at my phone I can receive it on the watch. I also use it to ping my phone so when I lose it I can easily track it,” said Castleton sophomore Bailey D’Aleo.

And D’Aleo is not alone. Five out of seven students interviewed agreed that receiving quick text messages was the biggest Apple Watch asset.

Others touted its fitness activity technology.

“I definitely use it to keep track of my exercise goals,” sophomore Alivia McCarthy said.

Freshmen Baylee Lawrence said that’s her favorite use for the watch too.

“Last year I was a teacher aid at my high school. I walked “15 million miles” a day, and I wanted to see how many steps I was taking, so I decided to purchase an Apple Watch,” said Baylee Lawrence.

Five of the seven interviewed students also mentioned that fitness was the focal point of their motivation to own the watch.

The trend also seems to be catching on with the CU staff as well.  For Matt Patry, director of Student Activities, being able to track his exercise and sleep got him sold on the watch.

But does the Apple Watch craze stem from the Apple name, a need to have a new toy or do people really enjoy what the product has to offer?

“I think it’s the accessories. For some people, it’s probably because it’s the first watch to do more than tell time. But for what I want, it definitely helps,” Patry said.

Many students felt the motive was a combination of all three.

“I think it starts as a trend. Then people get it because others have it. But once they have it, they love it. In today’s society people like to stick with trends: sometimes they like it, sometimes they don’t. This one just caught on, and it keeps catching on because it’s a great product,” McCarthy stated.

For Micaela Madigan, it’s the compatibility between the watch and the iPhone.

“A lot of people have iPhones, so the capability is a big help. And because Apple is a big name brand, people will ultimately choose it over others,” Madigan said.

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