Freshman year made me realize CU is perfect fit

When everyone told me my first year of college was going to go by quick, I definitely did not think it was going to go by THAT quick.

It’s sort of crazy that 25 percent of my college career is already done. I feel like yesterday I was moving in, saying goodbye to my family and writing my first fresh perspective about whether or not my cat would be alive after my first five weeks here. He did make it the entire year. He’s still alive, I think.

I must say my first year of college was pretty great. It had its ups and downs too. There were some great laughs and good times with some awesome people, but of course there was also plenty of stress and a little bit of home sickness in there as well. But I made it out alive, and I’m staring right into the eyes of a nice three month summer vacation. Hopefully it’ll be warm.

It was funny though because I would always hear people say, “Oh, you’ll go to college with the intentions of one major and by the end you’ll be doing something that you’d never thought you would do.” I always sort of shook that off and didn’t think I would ever do that. I was pretty dead set of graduating with a Sports Management degree.

And then I started writing for the newspaper and I loved it. Now I’m adding a communications degree as well… I’m one of those people now. One of these days I’ll be telling people, “Oh, you’ll go to college with the intentions of one major and by the end you’ll be doing something that you’d never thought you would do.” Yup. The tides have changed.

I also had this really cool thing happen that was just crazy. So my full name is Brendan Thomas Crowley and I’m from Pawcatuck, Connecticut, which is a tiny town in the southeast corner of the state (basically Rhode Island). My brother is named Sean Crowley. Now my roommate, Alex Jensen, is from Enfield, Connecticut which is right at the Massachusetts border in the northern part of the state. Believe it or not, there is a Brendan Thomas Crowley and a Sean Crowley who are brothers living in Enfield. Alex knows them. I was absolutely shocked.

Overall, I really had a great experience here at Castleton. I love it here. All of my professors were super awesome, extremely helpful, and great teachers. I have done very well academically and I must attribute that to the professors. I’ve met some awesome people and made lots of new friends which is great too.

But I think the best part of college so far is how it has changed me as a person. I used to be a very shy and antisocial person. I was very reserved and timid. However, college allowed me to reinvent myself. I’m much more outgoing and talkative, I am slowly starting to participate more in classes, and I’m much more comfortable with being myself. It’s a really great feeling. Plus I lost like 30 pounds so I don’t know what the “Freshman 15” thing is.

I am extremely excited for my next three years here at Castleton. In one year I’ve changed so much. I wonder what I will be like when it’s all said and done. I hope everyone has an excellent (and hopefully warm) summer!


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