Celebrating every kind of love

I love Valentine’s Day. It’s such a happy day filled with hope, love and kindness. It’s not quite as great as other holidays, like Christmas or Easter, but it’s still pretty awesome.

And before you say anything about my relationship status, I’m single.

Not only am I single, but I am approaching 19 years straight of being single. In case you were wondering, that’s my whole life.

Yes, I have been single from the day I was born, up to today and probably tomorrow as well.

I’ve never even been on a date, so when I say I love Valentine’s Day, I’m not just saying it because I’m in love with someone.

I never have and never will understand the stigma around Valentine’s Day.

Most people who don’t like Valentine’s Day have forgotten why the holiday is so great in the first place.

I don’t know if every elementary school did this, but at my school the entire class would hand out Valentine’s Day cards to everyone else in the class.

It was basically national Fun Dip day.

We all loved Valentine’s Day. So how do we go from loving one of the best holidays of the year to hating it no more than 10 years later?

Being single on Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it. The only thing being single means is you aren’t getting a romantic date with roses and chocolates.

While I don’t go out and give all my classmates a valentine, (although I really wish we still did that) I still find my own way to celebrate Valentine’s Day and enjoy it.

Sometimes I’ll watch cheesy romantic movies with my friends and other times my friends and I will play a dating simulator and laugh the whole time.

So, if you’re single this Valentine’s Day or any Valentine’s Day in the future, I want you to do something for me; I want you to look in the mirror and name all the things you love about your friends, the world and even about yourself.

Then I want you to go tell at least one person in your life that you love and appreciate them. Finally, I want you to try and start a fun little Valentine’s Day tradition, it doesn’t matter what it is.

Valentine’s Day is about celebrating every kind of love, so don’t let your relationship status ruin such a beautiful holiday.

-Jac Culpo

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