Loving the CU life

For those of you who read my Fresh Perspective from the previous issue, I am very happy to announce that my cat is alive and well.

So is the rest of my family. Which is good.

I hadn’t been home in five weeks. Before that, the longest time I’ve been away from home is like five days. So it was a little … weird. I was very happy to be home, that was awesome. But there was a new house in my neighborhood and the road that was under construction for about a year was finally done. I was only away for a month.

Plus, just the thought of going on vacation in my hometown is crazy. I had to pack to go home. It’s something I’ve never experienced anymore.

I also realized that I really missed my high school. When I was a student there, I wasn’t a big fan of that place. When I graduated, I was pretty happy that I was out of there. But when I walked back onto Stonington High School grounds, I was actually very happy to be back. It was all familiar to me. And I saw a bunch of my high school friends and some didn’t even recognize me. My hair has never been as long as it is now.

In addition to all of that, only like three people from my high school went to a state college in Vermont, which means that I was one of the very few people who was home from college that week. I think this is the only state that has the five week rule. So everyone who saw me home probably thought I was a college dropout.

Anyway, on a completely different note, this whole newspaper thing is completely brand new to me. Before this, I have never had any journalism experience at all. I got an email from Dave Blow, and I saw something about sports writing. Now I love sports, so I thought I’d try it out.

It’s especially insane because if you see my sports feature in this addition, I went to the ESPN campus in Bristol, Connecticut. I just randomly join the Spartan and then a few weeks later I’m at ESPN. It’s awesome.

We went into the studios, I watched NFL Live live, and I saw Herm Edwards. When I was in high school I’d watch SportsCenter on ESPN all morning. And then when it switched to ESPN News I’d also switch to ESPN News. I’d basically have the order of the show memorized. So going to Bristol was super surreal.

Overall, college is still going great. I love it here. Shout out to Audet 102.

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