A different Castleton experience

My freshman experience is a bit unique when compared to the average experience. Why you may ask? Well it’s because both of my parents have worked at Castleton for the last eight or so years and I have accepted the campus as my second home.

I know CU better than I know my own high school for god’s sake. Also, for those of you who are curious, my dad is the head coach of the men’s basketball team and my mom is a professor in the health and PE department…I think. I’m not sure what she teaches exactly, but I apologize to everyone who has her as a professor. She isn’t actually a bad professor, I just like to make sure I hit all the bases.

So far, my “unique” experience has been very positive, something I expected since I already knew how nice people on campus generally are. I enjoy all of my classes and I like my professors. My classmates seem really cool and I seriously hope I haven’t done anything stupid yet. I probably did but I can still hope I didn’t.

I’d love to get to know a lot of you better, but I am the biggest chicken when it comes to meeting new people. So if you’d like to get to know me better or just have a chat, feel free to stop whatever I’m doing and start a conversation with me.

My outside of class experiences have been just as positive. As a little shameless self-advertising, I am super excited to cover the men’s soccer team this fall for the Spartan, on top of anything else I write for it (like this column you’re reading right now).

I’m also looking to do intramurals at some point. I’d love to keep doing something athletic post high school. I do intend to go to as many sporting events as possible. I’m an avid sports fan so I’ll be trying to watch as many games on campus as I can.

The first 2 weeks of college have been great and I’m super excited to keep going. I look forward to meeting even more new people and making some new friends. So make sure to come back next time to see if my positive outlook on life has died (hint: it won’t).

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