Sweats in socks

Humans are always adapting to new things to make life better.

The same goes for college students, who don’t want their favorite sweatpants wet from the damp, slushy grounds of Castleton University.

Castleton students are often seen with their sweatpants tucked into the socks; not for style but for protection.

            “I do it because I don’t want the snow to touch my skin,” said Makayla Farrara, a junior on the women’s basketball team.

By keeping her pants tucked, there is no space for snow to fly up her pants, she said.

            Eric Coslett, a Castleton sophomore, thinks he might have been a bit of a catalyst in the wardrobe trend.

            “I was probably the first one to start tucking my sweatpants into my socks back in high school. It keeps my sweatpants from dragging on the ground,” Coslett said with a smile.

            Whether you are walking by the library, Glenbrook Gym, or Leavenworth Hall, take a look down at the ground and you will spot the trendy look.  People of all ages and sizes wear their sweatpants in their socks.

There is no specific color scheme or brand to the fad. One can see it sported with any combination of black or white socks and brand name sweatpants from Nike to Adidas.

            The majority of Castleton students who choose to wear their socks tucked into their pants said they do so to save their sweats from getting dirty, especially with the winter weather.

            “My pants are too long on me,” said Castleton women’s basketball player Abbie Lesure.

Rather than allowing the sweats that she paid for to drag on the ground, she tucks them into her socks.

            So does Amanda Beatty.

“If I don’t, then the bottoms of my pants will get wet and gross,” the Community Health major at Castleton said.

But there’s another reason she tucks the socks.

“I’m too tall and almost all of my sweatpants are too short on me,” Beatty said.

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