A dream chose her

International Women’s Day is the celebration of the political, cultural, social and economic achievements of women worldwide. From Nigeria to Hungary, Castleton University is home to women from around the globe achieving more each and every day.

This week at “Every Woman Has A Story,” an event in Huden Dining Hall where women from CU can tell their personal stories, Chidinma Ezugwu shared her journey of moving across the world to a foreign land to further her education. Ezugwu has been here for two years and is an economics major.

From a young girl in Nigeria to now, Ezugwu has always excelled in school. Her passion for learning has guided her to be successful.

“You choose some dreams, but some dreams choose you,” Ezugwu said, referring to all she has accomplished academically.

The 4.0 student also shared what the English meaning of her beautiful name means. Chidinma translated from Nigerian to English means “God is love.”

Another scholar who dedicated her life to education in order to leave her home country was Dr. Livia Vastag, a science professor at CU.

Vastag, originally from Hungary, spoke not only of her hard work in school, but her journey to love herself.

At 6 feet tall in sixth grade, Vastag didn’t necessarily “fit in” with the cool kids.

“I was kind of a social outcast,” Vastag said.

After a rigorous interview process, Vastag was selected to attend a prestigious high school in Hungary. Once she moved there, they were locked away indoors for safety reasons, and had little freedom

It was an emotionally difficult time for Vastag, but her father made her keep going. Her junior year, she wanted to leave Hungary. While working with her chemistry teacher, she received a full ride to complete her schooling at a very competitive school in Norway.

Through these schools she has made lifelong friends and stayed true to who she was.

“If you are not yourself, you won’t like yourself,” Vastag said.

 Next week Betty Moyer and Jami Yazdani will share their stories.   

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