We need to protect our land and water

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night with the worst dry mouth you could possibly think of – now go to the sink and get a nice tall glass of ice cold water. Tastes good, right? Do you enjoy having the luxury of being able to drink fresh water at your own leisure? I’m glad you do, because some people don’t have that luxury.

In fact, the citizens of Flint, Michigan haven’t had that luxury for over two years, and it doesn’t seem like help is on the way any time soon.

Flint has finally declared a state of emergency because people are suffering from lead poisoning. That's unacceptable in this country, but no one seems to really care.

Just recently, President Trump has signed an executive order to “roll-back” the clean water rule set in place during the Obama Administration. This clean water rule protects major bodies of water like lakes, rivers and streams from being contaminated.

The EPA will now have to rewrite their regulations to accommodate for businesses that say these regulations are “bad for the economy.” (Seriously, look it up. It’s not a joke) This means that wetlands, which some are a major source of drinking water, are now at risk of being contaminated. On top of that, endangered species who inhabit these wetlands are at a greater risk of extinction, according to the Center for Biological Diversity.

In a statement made by President Trump himself at his last speech, he claimed he “loves clean air and water” which was lumped in rather quickly with all his other blatant lies.

We all love clean air and water, so why would be so keen on putting that at risk in the name of money? That’s not very presidential. It's a disgrace that a president would so willingly sign an order that would further jeopardize the health of Americans that he claims to love so very dearly.

 Not only that, but many waterways lead to major bodies of water eventually, so it's not only Americans at risk.

The BP oil spill was a global disaster and caused an outrage. 200 MILLION gallons of oil dumped into the Gulf of Mexico and lasted for 87 days. 16,000 miles of coastline damaged, destroying the habitats of hundreds of species that once called that land home.

Now imagine this happening to 60 percent of our own drinking water in the United States. That’s a lot of damaged water, and we all know water is life, just ask the DAPL protesters. Which, by the way, Trump had no problem giving the go ahead on that project the minute he stepped into office because…you know…money.

Anyway, think about all of this. Let it wash over you like a cool refreshing wave of contaminated water. Feels good doesn’t it? That’s the future we all have to look forward to if we as citizens continue to turn a blind eye to the madness.

 Just look at Flint. They are surviving off of bottled water, and nobody seems to be offended by this. One day there won’t be any clean water to bottle and sell to helpless people like the citizens of Flint. One day there won’t be any uncontaminated water left, and that will be the end of the human race as we know it.

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