Oscars recap: The real winners

The Oscars opened with the Justin Timberlake song Can't Stop The Feelingfrom the film “Trolls, this year, then he turned over the show to the host: Jimmy Kimmel.

His opening monologue and jokes that continued throughout the evening were politically tinged.

He said to Meryl Streep, “Nice dress, is that an Ivanka?” The first award presented went to Mahershala Ali winning best supporting actor for his work in “Moonlight”. The Makeup and Hair award went to three men who had worked on “Suicide Squad.” One of them identified himself as an Italian immigrant and dedicated his oscar to all immigrants.

Kimmel had multiple slams of president Trump lined up. First he said that “Doctor Strange” was not only nominated but also appointed to the trump administration. Later when introducing the Head of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences he commented that it was rare to have a president these days that believes in arts and sciences.

The best supporting actress award went to Viola Davis for fences. She gave a beautiful speech, that Kimmel later remarked might win her an Emmy, about the efficacy of unrealized dreams and their equal value to realized ones.

 The winner of the best foreign language film was a native Iraqi who refrained from attending the ceremony in protest, the woman who accepted the award on his behalf notified the audience, of Trump’s disrespect to immigrants.

Gael Garcia Bernal came out in the midst of presenting an award, as someone against any type of wall designed to divide us.   

There was an epic snafu when the envelopes for best picture and best actress were confused making Faye Dunaway read out “La La Land” as the winner for best picture, though this was actually incorrect. Once the accepting ‘winners’ from “La La Land” were fully onstage the correction was made that “Moonlight” was actually the winner. After this awkward moment the night ended with Emma Stone winning best actress and Casey Affleck winning best actor. It was a memorable night for the mixup and the many political moments. That leaves another twelve months for you to practice your shampoo bottle acceptance speeches…


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