‘Badass’ comedian coming to CU

March is Women’s History Month and Castleton is having a few events a week to celebrate women including hosting speakers, a film festival, entertainers, movies and comedians.

            One of those comedians is Erica Spera, who is performing on Saturday, March 11 with a whole group of female comedians.

            “We’re all badass women putting ourselves out there, being funny and succeeding in a male-dominated field,” Spera said.

            She’s coming in from New York City where she hosts a weekly podcast, does stand up and recently did a TV taping for Gotham Comedy LIVE! on AXSTV.

            “It was my first live TV taping and it was the most exciting thing I’ve been apart of so far in my career. I’ve never felt so much pressure since playing college basketball,” Spera said.

            Though Spera is doing some cool stuff in her career, she enjoys doing college shows and talking to college students after them. She found Castleton through Molly DeMellier, the assistant director of the Castleton Fund and Donor Relations.

            DeMellier and Spera grew up in towns near each other but never knew one another until Spera’s family went on a tour of Ireland DeMellier’s father organized as a travel agent.

            DeMellier laughed as she told stories from when she and Spera were both living in the city.

            “After her shows, we’d go out and guys would come up and ask how we met and Erica would say that we met in Ireland and we’d have to explain the whole story. I was like ‘Can’t you just say we met in high school,’” DeMellier said.

            She also loves her friend’s comedy and the fact that she’s different from most female comedians and so are the women that Spera is bringing with her to Castleton.

            “They don’t need to swear or be gross to be funny because they are funny. They don’t have to try,” DeMellier said.

            Compared to many popular female comedians today, who can be vulgar and seem to use the f-word more than any other, that’s impressive.

            Not only are these women different for their comedy style, but they’re also a new kind of act for Castleton.

            “I think it’s terrific that there’s going to be a group coming. It’s something we haven’t seen here before and I think it’s important to celebrate that, especially during Women’s History Month,” said senior Lacy Parmenter.

            Spera wants students to know that this event isn’t just for women.

            “The comedians I'm bringing with me are hilarious and talk about a lot of different topics both genders would find funny. Also if you're a dude, and you're smart, you'd realize this would be a good event to come meet some ladies. People should expect to just laugh with us and have a good time!” Spera said. 

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