The Local closes

When house parties became overrated and uninteresting, Castleton students could usually catch the bus or drive into Rutland to have some fun at The Local.

            Students know The Local as a place where the fraternity Sigma Delta Chi holds events to compliment holidays and other occasions. But now the business is closed and has been sold by owner Charles Greeno, although he’s hopeful new owners will reopen sometime in April.   

            “It is closed because I sold it. I have a lawsuit against city police because I feel like I was being harassed and my customers were being harassed. I couldn’t financially take the burden of the police constantly waiting outside,” Greeno said.

            With the business closed, Castleton students will have to find a new way to party and celebrate Valentine’s Day and Saint Patrick’s Day. Greeno hopes that the new owners will continue the relationship with Castleton students.

            “I’m hopeful that that the parties that I helped with will continue with the new owners,” Greeno said.

            Former Delta Sigma Chi President Sam Carpenter spoke fondly of the events at The Local, but said the fraternity will survive.

            “The business partnership we had with Chip was a great one. The level of work put in by Jam Man Entertainment, Chip and his staff and both active and alumni members of Sigma Delta Chi was outstanding. That being said, these events are a very small part of what Sigma is truly about.  When I first joined Sigma, we didn't have The Local and still had the means to accomplish our goals. We even used to have a Halloween event at Flubbs and that was an experience in itself as well. We have even held an event at Fishtail one spring,” Carpenter said.

            Carpenter said current members would surely find other venues and events to continue.

            As for Greeno, he has other plans now that he sold his business.

“My lawsuit is one of my plans. I opened the fireworks store in Pittsburgh last summer so I’m going to continue doing that,” Greeno said.

            Castleton students who attended the parties say they wish it didn’t have to end.

“That’s kind of sad because I usually go to those events. I also heard it was closed and wasn’t exactly sure why,” said junior Lindsey Reno.

            But others said they are psyched at the prospect of it reopening.

             “Every event that I have gone to was a blast,” said junior Isaiah Lamos.

            Greeno said he is thankful for the connections made with Castleton students and is thankful for the opportunity to work with students.

            “I’ve been throwing events with Castleton for the last five years and I appreciate all the support from the students and the great parties we have and hopefully it will continue with the new owners. It’s hard being in the bar business and it’s even harder when you have extraordinary police pressures,” Greeno said.

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